Facebook Active Sessions Security Breach

Be aware of this Facebook security breach/bug.

If you go under Facebook -> Account Settings -> Security -> Active sessions make sure you end undesired sessions with weird IPs and weird browsers.

In my case I saw weird sessions somehow around 3 weeks ago with a weird browser coming from a specific IP. I’m very careful and I only use Facebook on computers I trust therefore it worried me. I called my ISP and asked them to provide me with my IP history. It turns out the IP with the weird browser/weird location belonged to me on that specific date. Therefore Facebook is showing me information about another user which is a security breach. This is not a big security breach as I can only get the user’s browser, IP and activity but the real problem there is that it’s pretty scary as somebody might think his account might be compromised by somebody else when in fact it is not the case.

The bug lies in that Facebook still associates that IP with me so it’s only using my IP as an unique identifier, pretty scary. I hope it’s only a UI issue. Facebook should use a cryptographically strong unique token as the unique identifier.

Conclusion: Facebook should fix this security breach and also show the active sessions of m.facebook.com

Bloom 2.8.0 released

Bloom 2.8.0 has just been released. It’s a big release it includes the following:
* Adds cover flow: the ability to view photos by pressing on the SPACE button, ESCAPE dismisses the preview, the RIGHT and LEFT arrows are used to navigate between photos
Bloom 2.8.0 Cover Flow
* Increased the upload photos size to 720 pixels
* Added Spanish translation thanks to Francisco Viollaz
* Added the ability to choose the default file dialog directory (in the Preferences menu)
* Added the ability to save photos from the thumbnails list
* Added the ability to locate the added images in the file manager (Explorer, Finder)
* Performance improvement when viewing albums
* Fixed the caption defect: when selecting a photo with a caption then selecting other photos, the other photos captions used to get overwritten

Bloom 2.6 released

Bloom 2.6 has been released. Photographers using IPTC to tag their photos with Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, Picasa or any other software will love this release it as Bloom can now import all the IPTC metadata they want into the photo caption.
To customize the keywords go to the Preferences dialog and click on the Photo tab as seen below, click on the Add button and then click OK or Apply, you need to restart the applications for the changes to take effect:

Bloom - Customize IPTC metadata

Bloom 2.6 brings the following:

  • Adds the ability to customize the imported IPTC metadata
  • Fixes the proxy server support
  • Enlarges the photo caption text area for a better user experience
  • Adds the support in the help for Snow Leopard and Windows 7.

Get it from http://getbloom.com