Useful Java VM switches

These switches apply to Java 5 and up.

Switch Description
-Dsun.java2d.d3d=false Disables direct3d in case you have a problem in full screen mode, this solves also the bug 4417798
-Xms: ex. -Xms64m Default Java heap size
-Xmx: ex. -Xmx1024m Maximum Java heap size
-XX:+PrintGCdetails Prints the basic GC information
-XX:+PrintGCdetails Prints the detail GC information
-client Uses the client JVM
-server Uses the server JVM


Sun announced yesterday that they are building JavaFX their next generation scripting technology which is their answer to Adobe’s Apollo and Microsoft’s Silverlight technology. The beauty of JavaFX is that it’s going to run on Desktops, cell phones, Blue Ray players and other devices.

JavaFX is going to bring Java2D and Swing to the masses.